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We create tailored itineraries centered around genuine, captivating, and enduring experiences in Spain.

Amidst the various ways to discover the country, we provide our travellers with an insider's perspective on the local culture and its hidden gems. Whether you have a penchant for art, a passion for gastronomy, or a deep interest in history, we will curate a journey that fully engages you and your senses, fostering memories that will last forever.

What we do

Like a tailor crafting suits, we design customized itineraries. Every trip is tailored to our travellers and their individual needs and interests. We leverage our local expertise and our extensive network to reveal the authentic side of Spain and allow you to Unbox the gift of travel at your own pace, on your own terms.

From personalized selection of hotels, transportation and experiences, to continuous support throughout your trip, we are with you from the moment you start dreaming about your trip to the time you leave Spain with everlasting memories.

About us

Unbox Spain was born from the desire to show the beauty of our country and the uniqueness of our culture to travellers worldwide. From must-see sites to hidden gems, our philosophy is to showcase the authentic Spanish essence through personalized and unique experiences.

Our detail-oriented approach and in-depth location knowledge, paired with our extensive network and strong business acumen, allows us to deliver a truly unparalleled experience for our guests. An unplanned stop at a local tapas bar, a private tour of a family-owned business or a wine-tasting seated with the owner of a winery are just some of the memories we love to leave our clients with.

Meet the team

Marta Diez, born and raised in Madrid, has a profound passion for travel and culture. With a background in law, she worked for the Spanish government, managing the art collection at the Reina Sofia Museum. Marta further developed her skills by completing a Master's in Event Management and Organization at EAE.

An avid traveler, Marta has explored over 40 countries, but her favorite experience remains watching the sunset from a boat in Mallorca. Her rich background and love for travel make her a dedicated professional in the luxury travel industry, ensuring every journey is unforgettable.

Travel Consultant

Juan was born in Madrid but raised in Brazil, London, and Dubai before relocating to the USA to complete his bachelor's degree in International Business.

He then joined Mercedes-Benz in the Middle East as a Business Development Executive before returning to Spain to work in Investment Banking at BBVA and pursue his MBA at IESE Business School.

He loves to play tennis but his affection for a seaside paella in Ibiza is equally profound.

General Manager

From our travellers

My trip to Spain, organized by Juan, was an absolute masterpiece! Juan's exceptional knowledge of Spain's rich culture and history brought each destination to life. From the architectural wonders of Barcelona to the vibrant streets of Madrid, and the serene beauty of Seville, every detail was flawlessly curated. His recommendations for local eateries and hidden gems were spot-on. Juan's passion and expertise made our Spanish adventure incredibly memorable. I highly recommend Unbox Spain for an authentic and exhilarating Spanish journey!


Juan's expertise in crafting our Andalusian adventure was nothing short of remarkable! His deep understanding of Andalusia's rich history and culture was evident in our visits to the Alhambra in Granada, the stunning Mezquita in Córdoba, and the vibrant streets of Seville. Each day was filled with enchanting experiences, from flamenco shows to sampling authentic tapas. Juan's personalized touches and insider knowledge made our trip truly special. If you're heading to Andalusia, Juan is the go-to guide for an unforgettable experience!


Juan's meticulously planned tour of Spain, encompassing Madrid, the Rioja region, and the Basque Country, was a journey I'll never forget! In Madrid, his guidance through the city's historic streets, world-class museums, and lively tapas bars captured the essence of Spanish vibrancy. Moving to the Rioja region, Juan's knowledge of exquisite wineries transformed our wine tasting into a luxurious experience. Finally, in the Basque Country, his insider tips led us to explore the unique culture, stunning landscapes, and the culinary wonders of cities like Bilbao and San Sebastián. Juan's ability to blend urban exploration, gastronomic delights, and cultural immersion made this trip an absolute delight. His expertise and passion for Spain made every moment memorable.